Rumble in the Hills Pro Hill Climb

Don’t Miss The 3rd Annual Hill Climb Event at the Buffalo Chip Campground during this years Sturgis Motorcycle Rally



Although this will be the third straight year for this event, it will be the 1st year for it to be held at it’s new location. The Buffalo Chip Campground, in conjunction with Twistin It Open Racing Promotions, is proud to host the Rumble in the Hills Pro Hill Climb August 8th & 9th, 2007 just east of Sturgis, South Dakota.

Not for the faint of heart, this action-packed Sturgis Rally event features the best of the best extreme motorsport riders who will be gathering at the Buffalo Chip Campground from the four corners of the world to strut their stuff on nitro burning exotic steel and paddle tire combo motorcycles in this Open Class event.

Don’t miss California's Team Peterson and their ground-eating custom Harley Davidson Hillclimb motorcycles including the amazing 1500cc nitro-methane burning machine and the earthshaking 2500cc monster that eats lesser bikes for breakfast.

Not a Harley-only event, riders will be competing on nearly every motorcycle brand there is. Many of these high-performance machines will be burning exotic fuels like nitro, methanol, and nitrous and every one of them will be bigger than 700cc with most in the 1400cc range.

With thousands of dollars in prize money at stake and the always-present chances of seeing some spectacular crashes, this is not your kid’s Saturday afternoon motocross that we’re taking about here.

And just to make sure that you leave the Sturgis bike rally with something to remember, the North American Hillclimb Association has added two 700cc Class events, one on each day, to turn up the heat a notch.

Takin’ it to the max, these Sturgis daredevils will come head to handlebars with a 300-foot course featuring impossible ledges and skill-testing jumps during both of the scheduled three hour events that comprise Round 4 of the RacerX / American Suzuki NAHA Pro Series. It’s all happening right here at the Buffalo Chip Campground during Sturgis motorcycle rally August 6-12, 2007.

Last year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Hill Climb was one of the best attended events of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. With the addition of the 700 cc Class and the tie-in to the RacerX / American Suzuki NAHA Pro Series, this is sure to be a sold-out event.

And just in case you’re thinking “how tough can a hill climb rally really be?,” take a few minutes to check out the ass-kicking Sturgis Rally Rumble in the Hills Pro Hillclimb video (shown above) that shows exactly what you’ll be in for when you make the Hill Climb event part of your must-see Sturgis Motorcycle Rally itinerary.

Check out the 2007 Buffalo Chip Sturgis Rally event schedule and see why year after year the Buffalo Chip Campground is where all the action is. No trip to the Sturgis Bike Rally is complete until you’ve been there.

Tickets for the world-famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Hill Climb event are on sale now and you won’t want to miss this Sturgis Rally Hill climb event that separates high performance motorsport riders from weekend wannabees.