Redneck Games

REDNECK GAMES Saturday July 17, 2010

1. Registration for games begins at 11am with the first of the games beginning at 11:30am.

11:00 - Registration - Beer Run
11:30 – Beer Run, Walk or Crawl
12:30- Registration – Sloshball Teams
1:30- Sloshball Brackets Posted & Games Begin (multiple fields running)
3:30 – Registration Minnow Races/Belly Flop
4:00 - Minnow Races/Belly Flop at Bikini Beach
5:30 – Registration Lawn Mower Races
6:00 – Brackets Posted & Green Flag Drops
IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the last Mower race, an official 2010 Redneck Games Awards Ceremony will take place. Get ready for the craziest parade of athletes you've ever seen!

All Contestants are encouraged to camp at the Chip. Tent camping is free. There is a small charge for RV's needing hookups. Make those arrangements by calling Stephanie 605-347-9000.

There will be food concessions and beverages available to supplement your fun. As always, outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed on grounds. Thank you for understanding!

2. Every registered contestant will be entered to WIN! No matter your redneck games skillz, you may leave on July 17 Weeklong Pass to the Buffalo Chip

3. the first 100 people registered and checked in day of the event will receive an official “Redneck Games” t-shirt

------------------------THE GAMES:----------------------------------

Beer Run, Walk or Crawl A 2 mile route with 4, 7 oz beer stops. Ran as a “poker” run, cards given at each beer stop and at the finish line. Best 5 card poker hand wins. There will be a Men’s and Women’s division, race will end at the Black Parrot Pond. Top in each division will receive a pair of tickets to the concert of their choice at the Buffalo Chip.

Belly Flop Contest Contestants will show us how they are Rockin’ the Beer Gut as they compete in an old fashioned Belly Flop Contest. We will have a Men’s and Women’s division and depending on the number of contestants we can divide them up into 6 pack, case and keg divisions. Contestants will be judged on costume, style and splash. 1ST Place Winner in each division will receive a pair of tickets to the concert of their choice.

Minnow Races Now here is the event that everyone can play! The tracks will be set and the minnows waiting to swim their fins off. Contestants will be able to pick their minnow - and race to the finish with straws in hand and crowds going wild. The heats will be finalized shortly after registration and the green flag will drop for each heat. Will you be the top Minnow racer and receive 1 pair of tickets to concert of choice? Make sure you finish higher than 4th and you'll be awarded 1 ticket of your choice for your efforts.

Sloshball KickBall with an over 21 year old twist. 9 member teams register and buy in for $20 per team. Remember the recess favorite that you played with the rubber ball and a few flimsy bases? Add a keg at second, some crazy base rules and team socials and you've got SLOSHBALL. Each player on the winning team will receive a ticket to the concert of his/her choice. Brackets will be posted immediately following registration. Team DD's must be identified prior to playing.

Lawn Mower And now for the main event! Rev up those motors and air up the tires - the competition is adding a little fuel for entertainment. There is a division for everyone and prizes awarded for the most redneck'd mower.
• Street Stock- standard push mower/obstacle course
• Super Stock- standard riding mower/straight drag
• Modified- riding mower with modifications/round track (helmet required)
• Rules will be mapped out based on official online rules outline
• Top winner in each class will receive 1 pair of tickets to concert of choice to the Buffalo Chip, 2nd and 3rd place to receive 1 ticket to the concert of choice

All Redneck Games require that you must be 21 years old to participate.  Under 21 are welcome to come and cheer on the Redneck Games Participants

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