Patrick Flanigan Impresses Crowd at Sturgis Campground

World Record Holder Patrick Flanigan a Highlight During Outdoor Expo

Outdoor Rendezvous Shooting Exhibition to Thrill South Dakota Gun Enthusiasts

Patrick Flanigan is sure to wow South Dakota gun enthusiasts when he steps into the spotlight during the 1st annual Buffalo Chip Outdoor Rendezvous. Flanigan is an eight-time world record holder in extreme shooting, and on Sunday, Aug. 4, crowds at the Sturgis campground will come to understand why. Don’t miss Flanigan give his mind-blowing shooting exhibition during this free outdoor expo at 5:30 pm.

As a child, the tales of Buffalo Bill and the prowess of exhibition shooters like Herb Parsons and Ad Topperwein spellbound Flanigan. While viewing old footage of these shooters, he realized that he could be capable of duplicating and evolving these routines. It was then that Flanigan set out to take shooting sports to a whole new level.

Flanigan practices constantly to perfect the shooting routines now used in his live performances. “The main focus of my live shows is to entertain my audiences first and foremost and impress people with my shooting ability second,” he states.

Currently an eight-time world record holder in Xtreme Sport Shooting, Flanigan is at the top of the exhibition shooting circuit. He performs dozens of live Xtreme Sport Shooting shows each year and is also the star of numerous television programs including “Hot Shots” on NBC Sports, “Impossible Shots” on the Outdoor Channel, and Patrick Flanigan’s own “Shell Shocked” on The Sportsman’s Channel. In addition, hundreds of publications have featured Flanigan, including “Outdoor Life,” the NRA’s “ In-Sights,” “Pheasants Forever,” and “Ducks Unlimited.”

Flanigan is driven by an intense desire to see shooting better recognized as a professional sport, and he continually works to educate, promote and evolve the sport. The shooter has formed a foundation to raise funds for promoting shooting sports to our youth, and educating them about safe operations.

The thrilling shooting exhibition on Aug. 4 is just one of many exciting events to take place during the Buffalo Chip Outdoor Rendezvous. Don’t miss this free outdoor expo!