Safety Second: 24 People Who Sent It at the Chip  

  • Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  • by Mary Panerio

To send or not to send, that is the question. And the answer? It’s yes…Or at least it is if you were one of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip partiers who made it into this blog presented by CAMP ZERO.

Have you ever sent it at the Chip? Can you appreciate good stories about people who have? Check out these photos and videos to see whose big ol’ cojones bought them 15 minutes of fame. Just imagine what sends lie ahead.


A 10/10 send right over the handlebars for Mike Haribo

Pin it. Drink it. Send it. Repeat.

 ’s been known to change a man #shovelhead #tailpipebeerchug2018 #harleydavidson #sturgis #buffalochip

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Brad Gregory and Tyler Porter send it into Deep Lake (incidentally only 7 feet deep) during the Sportster Showdown.

Stay grounded too long and you might suffer the seven send itch.



The Seven Deadly Sends Air. We all need it. Some are fine just breathing it. Others need to be up in it... - anonymous sender Here are 7 #Sendsday Sends (and a couple wrecks) at @campzerosturgis appearing in this order: 1. #mycousindarrel sliding into first 2. @bradytildeath breaking ramps 3. @munson502 not taking mom's advice 4. @jasonlightner taking flight in his #flyingporche 5. @speedfreakspeedshop getting freaky 6. @gambler500 boys warming up the ramp for... 7. Weld breaking Kid Rock doppelganger Matt Marx If you ain't living, you ain't alive. Later days . . . #wildmakestherules #lovemesomemotorcycle #ridemotorcycleshaveNOfun #campzerosturgis #campzero #zerofun #ridemotorcycleshavefun #buffalochip #sturgisbuffalochip #dofunshit #keepsturgisweird #turnthingsinsideout #getdangerous #ZeroOut #exploredeepspace #minibikeracing #minibikelife #reallife #zero

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The Ives Brothers grab bills for cheap thrills out of the mouth of Amanda Welsh.

In send she trusts. Sara Natividad of the International Bikini Team gets sent to the moon in this UTV before the Dirt Riot Races.

Sketchville, SD…Population: This Guy

Jason Lightner and his buddies from the Gambler 500 send folks packin’ from this Cody Cooke and the Bayou Outlaws performance.

The send is strong with Wild Gypsy Brandi Moya as she heads back to the Chip on Ft. Meade Way.


Coming into Monday like . . 📸: @alyssab123 for @wildgypsytour

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The Buffalo Chip bar staff ain’t no lightweights. Here’s their Sturgis Rally send off.

Cosmo Varriano goes full send on Short Sleeve Sampson. STEE-RIKE!

WARNING: Your spine might break just from looking at this photo of Matthew Marx.

Of all the ways to build your own mankini, wrapping your package in duct tape is definitely the most sendy. OUCH.

Sam Bestwick should change his name to Send Bestwick after taking flight during the AMA Supermoto Races.


#sturgisbuffalochip #supermoto #sturgis2018

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The foam hat didn’t stop Andy Munson from busting up his mug, but it sure made him look cool doing it.

3 a.m.—Good time to sleep. Better time to send.


Jeff showing everyone how to do doughnut burnouts at the chip #STURGIS #sturgisbuffalochip #harleydavidson

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“Bump and grind” has a more literal definition for the Flaunt Girls’ Jessabella Marie.

Flying high is hard when your balls are this big.

Does seeing people do silly shit like this make you wanna suit up in body armor and retreat into a safe space to pucker your butt? If so…


But if you like to live hard, break machines, hang out with lowlifes and generally do it wrong, you may have just found your new home in Sturgis.

Wanna see more people send it? Follow @campzerosturgis on Instagram.

Better yet, join in the fun yourself during the upcoming Sturgis Rally. More on that here.

Have you sent it at the Chip? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Got the evidence on your phone? Throw it on social media with the hashtag #chipsends.

If you’d like to see more epic sends at the chip check out Broken Bones of The Chip.

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