Sturgis Rider News Article Template


  • Concise – less than 50 characters
  • Accurate
  • Specific
  • Exciting
  • Mysterious


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  • 1 paragraph
  • 100 word maximum
  • Answers questions:
    • Why is it useful/entertaining/informative/necessary to read?
    • What will this content do for me?
      • Examples
        • “Revolutionize the way you ride by checking out these 15 insider motorcycle touring tips from staffers at the American Motorcyclist Association!”
        • “Check out these eight ways to cure a hangover so you spend your Sturgis Rally vacation succeeding, not struggling.”
        • “Make any future stops by the police go as smoothly as possible by checking out this list of dos and don’ts.”
  • Briefly states what kind of content can be expected when one reads on
  • Last sentence leaves reader with a cliff hanger that encourages them to click through to read more
  • Includes Clickable HyperLink



  • Summation of article information
  • Encouragement to use and share article information
  • Suggestions for places to find similar information
  • CTA and targeted image with link to further information such as
    • A more comprehensive published gallery
    • Another article

Call for Comments

  • Question related to article subject matter used to spark conversation in the comments section
  • Examples:
    • “Do you have your own touring tips and tricks? Share them with other riders in the comments below!”
    • “What are some of your favorite Black Hills attractions to visit? Let us know in the comments below!”

About the Author

  • Author headshot or company logo – 200×200 px @ 72 dpi
  • “About [name of author]” or “Presented by [name of business]”
  • Approximately 75 words that introduces you or your business and outlines qualifications that make you an expert in the article’s subject matter
  • Include link out to author/business website