9 Sturgis Bike Photos: Check Out This Week’s Snapshots

By Amanda

Do you like Bikes? Of course you do. Well check out these 9 rides that were in the Rat’s Hole and Motorcycles as Art shows at the Chip® in 2013! Stay tuned each week to the Legendary Buffalo Chip Facebook page for 10 new bike rally photos of varying topics. More bike rally photos are available on the Buffalo Chip website in the 2013 photo gallery as well!

This week’s topic: Sweet Rides at the Buffalo Chip!

One of many different Café Racers that exemplified the 1950’s and 60’s Rocker lifestyle were on display as part of the Motorcycles as Art Exhibit, during the entire Sturgis motorcycle rally at the Buffalo Chip.

Folks love seeing his unique Rat’s Hole custom bike parked out front of their booth year after year at the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip.

Wow. This Rat’s Hole Bike Show entry definitely qualifies as “Unique”.

Is it a truck or is it a trike?

Watch your legs boys!

This bike looks like it’s chasing it’s own tire!

Let Freedom Ring!

Judges checked out bikes of all shapes and sizes at this year’s Rat’s Hole Bike Show at the CrossRoads. This bike ended up taking first place.

The new 2014 Indian Motorcycles were on display in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater this year. Somebody give us the keys!

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