27 Believe It Or Not Legends That’ll Separate the Babies from the Badasses

By Jeff Smith

The Chip is celebrating 35 years of its August music festival this year, and needless to say, there have been more than a few legendary happenings and tall tales told in that time. But where does the line between fact and fiction lie? Here are 27 legends that’ll bewilder Buffalo Chip beginners, but ought to be child’s play for seasoned badasses. Do you know which ones happened and which didn’t? Be sure to keep track of how many you get right to find out whether you’re a green baby buffalo or a seasoned party animal.

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The results are in. So how did you do?

0 – 9 correct answers

Baby Buffalo: I remember my first beer… it was yesterday.

10 – 18 correct answers

Buffalo Brother: You know your way around The Best Party Anywhere™! You’ve seen some stuff go down, and you’ve got the stories to match.

19 – 27 correct answers

Buffalo Chip Badass: You know your sh*t! You are a living legend and more than likely one of the coolest people on the planet. Congratulations!

How many did you get right? Tell us whether you’re a badass, a baby or somewhere in between in the comments below!