Die Hard Chipsters Write Official Best Party Anywhere™ Theme Song

By Mary Panerio

The Buffalo Chip gets a lot of praise from fans, but a few weeks ago we received a compliment that was just too significant to keep to ourselves. After attending the Chip’s summer music festival for several years, superfan, Zach Dodge, penned the lyrics to his very own Buffalo Chip tribute song. He then flew to Arizona from his home in Washington State to lay down the tracks at Blind Dog Studio! With the help of producer, Brandon Goehner, this irresistibly catchy song sprung to life and showed up in our inbox.

We were so flattered by the lengths these two went to express their love for The Chip™ that we gave the song its own music video. So crank up the volume and check out the premiere of the official 2013 Best Party Anywhere music video!