10 Bizarre Festival Moments That Leave You With More Questions than Answers

By Mary Panerio

Have you ever witnessed something so strange you had to do a double take just to be sure you weren’t making it all up in your head? Let’s be real…when tens of thousands of bikers show up to a party where practically anything goes, this happens a lot. And it can leave you with thoughts like “How do you go to the bathroom when you’re sharing one pair of underwear?” or “How do you cover up a hickey on your butt?” These ten weird moments from The Best Party Anywhere® will leave you with more questions than answers and provide the kind of people watching that’ll make you laugh out loud.

1. How do you go to the bathroom when you’re sharing a pair of underwear with two other people (and a lizard)?

Furthermore, do you use the men’s room or the women’s? God knows you’re not all fitting into a port-a-potty!

2. Did he buy those beads or earn them?

Ask all you’d like…his lips are sealed.

3. Was this a one-time hook up?

Or could this be what true love really looks like?

4. What kind of buried treasure was found when retrieving lost items from the bottom of Bikini Beach swimming hole?

(Don’t worry, folks. He knew how to swim. Or did he?)

5. WTF could they possibly have to talk about?

Whatever it is, skeleton must find it pretty funny.

6. How long before she gets hickeys?

And how is she going to explain them away once she does?

7. Hold up…did he just do what we think he did?

Say what you will about a guy entering a Pickle Lickin’ Contest, but those who saw it go down say he won this thing fair and square.

8. What on earth would someone leave behind in a padlocked refrigerator?

To see more weird sh*t left behind at the Chip in 2016, check out Where the Weird Things Are: The 2016 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Lost and Found.

9. Was this a major accomplishment?

It’s hard to tell if this is a look of confusion or gratitude. Either way, good job, buddy.

10. Seriously…How does one turn their lips red, white and blue?

Do you have to recite the pledge of allegiance 1776 times? Deep throat a bomb pop? The world may never know!

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What are some of the most bizarre moments you’ve witnessed while people watching at the Best Party Anywhere? Share your stories in the comments below!