Where the Weird Things Are: The 2016 Sturgis Buffalo Chip® Lost & Found

By Jeff Smith

Partying for nine days at The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling™ leaves a lasting impression upon the soul. A gathering of this magnitude also leaves an impression on the campground, as folks often forget or abandon many things­– some ordinary, and some that make you say, “What is that?!” After the last motorcycle rolled out the Sturgis Buffalo Chip gate in 2016, Chip staff took photos of everything left behind to share it all with you!

1 Dinghy

1 Portable Ladies’ Restroom

1 Hulk Fist

…attached to this…pole

A Bikers’ “It’s Christmas in August” Tree

1 Plumber’s Toolkit

1 Enthusiastic Bucket

1 “Slut Trap,” still set.

1 Jar of Unlicked Pickles

1 String of Christmas Lights

This Artsy Plaster Corset

1 pair of soiled boxers, found near the campsite of one of the Chip’s showcase bands

1 Fascinating Fascinator covered in Phalluses

Pillows, air mattresses, foam and blankets GALORE

Eggs ‘n’ Spuds

2 Helmets


1 Ridiculously Patriotic Chair

A Load of Beads

3 Frisbees from the Buffalo Grill Frisbee Nachos

Tents, tarps and chairs

A floaty and some flip-flops.

Hat & Shades

1 Charcoal Grill

1 Partially Munched Sausage

Someone forgot this bar-back…

A Delightful Display of…

1 Motorcycle Saddlebag

Multitudes of:
Cell Phones
Credit/Debit Cards

Does any of this stuff look familiar? If so, call (605) 347-9000 to search for and log lost and found items.

Want to see even more weird things campers have left behind? Check out the Buffalo Chip’s Lost and Found from 2015 and 2014!

Did you find anything on the grounds waiting to be reunited with its rightful owner? Tell us what it was in the comments below.