22 People You Wish You Were Friends With

By Jeff Smith

Each year, all kinds of people make a pilgrimage to the Black Hills of South Dakota to experience the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®’s motorcycle and music festival. The majority of these folks are bikers, of course, but when you consider every aspect of the Chip experience, you realize bikers and biker babes are just the tip of the iceberg. Bands, bartenders, builders, dancers, daredevils, music lovers, mischief makers and some downright weirdos all converge at the Chip, making it the most concentrated collection of cool folks you’d be proud to call friends. Here are 22 of them you could have befriended at The Best Party Anywhere® in 2017.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to be the meat in this Flaunt Girl hug sandwich.
How could you not want to party with these horny devils?
It’s OK to admit you’re thinking about hitting the books if it’ll mean you can party with these naughty schoolgirls.
You know this old timer has some killer stories to share over a bottle of grandpa’s cough medicine.
For the love of all that’s holy– Help this poor girl find your camper, would you?!
This dude came to have a good time, with no ifs, ands or buts about it. Ok… maybe a few butts, and he is probably willing to share.
This guy knows what peak party performance looks like.
If you don’t want to hang with midget wrestling champion and human bowling ball, Short Sleeve Sampson, you might as well turn in your party pants forever.
Every day is a bachelorette party when you’re hanging with these ladies.
Won’t ya gimme three steps mister, gimme three steps toward this mega-babe you’re hanging with?

Gettin’ extra crispy with the Colonel is the original recipe for a helluva time.
Anyone chugging from a ginormous leather-bound horn takes their partying seriously.

You’d be committing the ultimate party foul if you passed up the chance to hang with this smokin’ hot referree.

We dare you to jam out harder than this lady.
Or this dude.
Bet you didn’t know your dream woman has purple hair and carries glow sticks and an inflatable dolphin on her at all times until now.
If you’ve been super bad, super Flaunt Girls will give you a super spanking.
Leather vest? Check. Purple shorts? Check. Rad trike? Check. Congrats, sir, you have officially passed the cool dude inspection.

These guys could give you the training needed to become an arm wrestling champion.

These biker babes had an endless supply of Ozzy Osbourne’s wine. What more could you want?

The winner of the 2016 Stud Contest at Fan Fest showed up to show the 2017 contestants what being a stud is all about, and he’d probably show you too.

This guy”s impeccable taste in hats and goggles might rub off on you, which could only make you cooler.

Who are some of the new friends you made while on vacation at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in 2017? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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