Fuel Your Adrenaline with 32 Epic Ride Moments

By Jeff Smith

If you experienced any of the rides during the Sturgis motorcycle rally this year, you got the chance to take freedom by the handlebars and explore the Black Hills on rides you hoped would never end. Although we haven’t yet found a ride that goes on forever, we can help you to relive your amazing experiences. Try to find yourself in these fantastic ride moments, and by the time you get through them, you’ll swear the fresh Black Hills wind was just blowing through your hair!

Legends Ride®

The Legends Ride is, bar none, the premier event and ride of the Sturgis Rally. There’s a reason it’s called The Ride That Rocks™! Where else can you literally rub elbows and ride alongside with the biggest names in television, film, music and motorcycling all while raising funds for worthy local charities? Behold the kind of highlights that only occur when bikers from around the globe join with all kinds of celebrities to kick off the 75th Sturgis Rally in style!

Bikes lined the streets of historic downtown Deadwood as riders gathered for the pre-ride events at the legendary Silverado-Franklin.

Business mogul, philanthropist and life-long biker John Paul Dejoria was one of many special guests mingling with the crowd.

The Black Hills area high school students who built the Buffalo Chip Challenge bikes were eager to see just how much their work was worth in the live auction

The suspense was killer…

But in the end, the John Shope Signature Indian Chieftain went for $61,000…

…and the Paul Yaffe Signature Harley-Davidson Road King was sold for $60,000.

Paul Yaffe threw up the horns for the Harley winner, while John Shope struck a pose with the winner of the Indian.

Betsy Huelskamp showed the crowd just how aptly named David Uhl’s painting, “Free Spirit,” is.

The gregarious group gathered for a fun photo-op.

After the auction, riders said, “peace out, Deadwood. We’re off to the Buffalo Chip where we’ve got another party to attend.”

The elevation changes and winding roads leaving Deadwood are a blast to ride.

Not to mention the hills around Deadwood are gorgeous.

You can’t help but to do way more than just smile.

What happens when a guy in a Viking helmet rides a trike? Triking.

Former NBA Star Scott Pollard and his wife Dawn were among the many celebs on the Legends Ride

…along with Josh Owens from the hit Discovery TV show “Moonshiners.”

Here’s to another successful ride that raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthy charities.

A ride that allowed you to hang with some of the coolest people on the planet…

…and experience an epic night of concerts from Godsmack, Dee Snider and Nazareth!

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Freedom Celebration Ride

The second annual Freedom Celebration Ride put you alongside an admirable group of special guests in a breathtaking ride through scenic high plains and foothills. Riders lifted their kickstands to raise funds for organizations benefitting wounded vets and their families, including Wounded Wear/Combat Wounded Coalition, America’s Mighty Warriors and the Warrior Dog Foundation.

This ride is part of the greater Freedom Celebration event, an event that stirs your heart, knocks you down and builds you up simultaneously. It’s both inspiring and humbling. It makes you somber and it makes you proud. Every year it gives you a true reminder about freedom and the value of life. This video says it all:

Chromed out motorcycles adorned in Americana lined downtown Spearfish…

…along with an impressive group of devoted patriots and special guests who were ready to ride.

Bob Hansen Distinguished Service Award recipient Tyler Southern smiled big as the Freedom Ride headed out.

It was a beautiful day to celebrate freedom and an even better day to ride.

Wounded vets were given the chance to experience the freedom of the road.

Countless riders showed the Chip’s cameras what happiness looks like.

The American spirit flowed through the proud riders on this scenic journey to the Buffalo Chip where the Freedom Celebration followed.

Nine out of ten riders will tell you–riding your motorcycle is the number one stress reliever.

You don’t need to see this guy’s face to know he’s having a good time.

The look on retired Navy SEAL LT Jason Redman’s face says it all.

Following the ride, 1,000 bikers and motorcycles assembled the formation for Eagle 75–the world’s largest human and motorcycle eagle.

A military branch color guard presented our nation’s colors…

…while distinguished war hero Bob Hanson personally presented honorees with the Bob Hanson Distinguished Service Award in front of thousands.

The evening was capped off by a climatic performance from Styx, providing an epic ending to the most meaningful military tribute of the Sturgis Rally.

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Throttle Girl’s Lakota Heritage Ride

Kelly Quinn, aka Throttle Girl, and One Spirit Lakota M/C led bikers on a 90-mile ride that raised over $10,000 toward the goal of ending hunger on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Participants returned to enjoy a private party at a Lakota Heritage Village built at the Chip, complete with Lakota art, vendors and traditional drum and dance groups.

Betsy Huelskamp was displaying her colorful wardrobe and personality on the ride.

The Buffalo Dreamers entranced riders with their mesmerizing moves at the reception.

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