10 Sexy Patriotic Miranda Lambert Photos That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

By Jeff Smith


Miranda Lambert is one of the hottest artists in country rock right now, and if you’ve seen her January 2016 appearance on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, you know that she can rock a little black dress as well as she can rock a mic. Her attitude and natural beauty really make her the ultimate All-American girl, which begs the question–what would it look like if Miranda Lambert were Photoshopped into ridiculously patriotic settings? Could the world handle the sheer sexiness that results from combining a musical superstar and some raw, unfiltered ‘Murica? Find out for yourself in this crazy sexy slideshow!

If somehow your mind isn’t completely blown to bits by what you’ve just seen, then check out the multimedia presentation the Chip put together to announce Miranda Lambert and then reserve your passes for the upcoming party on Thursday, August 11, 2016!

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