3 After-Service Motorcycle Safety Checks That Will Have You On the Road in 90 Seconds Flat

By Fix My Hog

One of the best feelings other than riding your motorcycle is when your ride gets out of the repair shop. Whether it needs a tune-up or you’re adding a custom touch, the urge to jump on and go as soon as it’s done can be irresistible. However, there are some things you MUST check after your motorcycle has been serviced to ensure your bike is fully functioning and safe to ride. Check out these easy motorcycle safety tips outlined in this post-service checklist from Fix My Hog that’ll ensure your bike is safe to ride in less than 90 seconds.

1. Make sure your battery is charged and connected.

First, remove the black tape from the negative battery cable. Make sure to install the two ground cables with the battery cable. Insert the bolt through the cable. Tighten the bolt.

Remove battery charger connectors. Lastly, reinstall the seat, using care not to scratch any painted surfaces. (Check out these battery maintenance tips every rider can follow to learn more.)

2.Check your lights, turn signals, and horn

If it was on a lift, lower your motorcycle back to the ground and start it.

Check your high beam.

Then check your low beam operation.

Check your passing lamp operation.

Check your left turn signal,

Then check your right turn signal.

Check your horn. Check your rear brake operation from rear master cylinder.

Check your rear brake from the front.

Turn motorcycle off.

3. Check oil level on the dipstick

When checking the oil, refer to your factory service manual to ensure you’ve filled it to the proper level.

Check out this helpful video from Fix My Hog for a more detailed post-service checklist and motorcycle safety tips.

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