A Photo Journey of Chip Experiences – 15 Top Picks

By Mary Panerio

Ever had an experience that was just too nice to keep inside? Well obviously some of you have, because each year the Buffalo Chip is flooded with kind words from campers like you. Here are 15 photos to accompany what some people are saying about their Sturgis Rally experience at The Chip®… Enjoy.

“This is an awesome place, you need to see this once in your life.” – Rick Thornbro

“The people are all so nice.” – Jenny Shelton

“We were there and the lightning show was amazing! Didn’t let any of it ruin that awesome concert though! Used my chair for an umbrella because the show was too great to miss!” – Cynthia Morris

“I was a ‘Chip Virgin’ and now I am a ‘Chip Believer.'” – Scott Kietzmann

“I was there. Very tastefully, respectfully done.” – Lisa Isbell Hagdohl

“The people, camaraderie, awesome concerts, clean bathrooms, and the list goes on and on! It was an awesome year and I can’t wait to see it all again next year!” – Hilary Shepherd

“My sixth year to be on this ride. I’ve made them all. Thanks to everyone involved for making me a part of this great event. See y’all next year.” – Troy Nicholson

“Thought hard to find something to complain about and all I could come up with is I didn’t get much sleep.” – David Stevenson

“The chip is like a drug…one time and you’re hooked for life. Thanks guys for always putting on the best party of the year. See you in 2014.” – Joe Miller

“I have been to the Buffalo Chip six times in the last 12 years. There is nowhere else that you can truly have the Sturgis experience.” – Joseph Clark

“Woot! On cloud nine!!! Best time of my life!” – Susan Abruzzo

“We were married on August 4th in Sturgis and rocked to ZZ Top that night. It was like they played at our reception! Awesome show, awesome party, awesome man I have!” – Roberta Friend

“I love the Legendary Buffalo Chip!! My friends and I only stay at The Chip when we come to Sturgis. It’s so true that you don’t have to leave The Chip to experience the Rally. There is no other place to camp than The Legendary Buffalo Chip!!!! Thank you for making it GREAT!!!! Love the new “paved” roads!!” – Jennifer McGee

“LOVED this, it was SO much fun!” – Elizabeth Sorenson

“I will be 100 years old in a wheelchair and still will be there for sure…of course will have killer engine on my wheelchair by then.” – Puffnallawolfie Suziatto

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