Headliner Highlights: Sturgis Photos from the Front Row

By Mary Panerio

Want to see the best Sturgis photos from the concerts on the Buffalo Chip’s legendary Wolfman Jack Stage? Whether your favorite show was Mötley Crüe, Florida Georgia Line, The Pretty Reckless or any of the Chip’s countless other performers, the best shots from headlining Sturgis concerts are all right here!

Zac Brown Band – Monday, Aug. 4

Zac Brown Band kept fans on their toes by mixing in covers from Led Zeppelin, Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Metallica, Pink Floyd and even Rage Against the Machine during its set.

Mötley Crüe – Tuesday, Aug. 5

Legendary glam metal rockers Mötley Crüe brought enough pyrotechnics to burn the whole place down during their last ever performance at the Chip! Nikki Sixx regularly shot 60-foot flames from the neck of his guitar as he ran across the stage like he was burning up the last remnants of the Saigon jungle.

ZZ Top – Wednesday, Aug. 6

ZZ Top thrilled Sturgis Rally fans with searing gutar solos, thick blues jams, synchronized side-stepping and 360-degree guitar spins.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sunday, Aug. 3

Fans sung along and waved their rebel flags as Lynyrd Skynyrd delivered a little Free Bird, Sweet Home Alabama, Southern Man and 90 minutes of the most beloved songs in rock ‘n’ roll history.

Cheap Trick – Friday, Aug. 8

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick showered the Sturgis Rally crowd with hundreds of guitar picks during the band’s performance. Did you catch one?

Florida Georgia Line – Wednesday, Aug. 6

Visiting the Sturgis Rally has been a lifelong dream of Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. Tyler took full advantage of the Chip’s biker-friendly atmosphere by riding his motorcycle out onto the Wolfman Jack Stage near the end of their set. You can hear more from Tyler and Brian by checking out their backstage interview at Studio 14.

Alice Cooper – Tuesday, Aug. 5

The master of shock rock, Alice Cooper, brought live snakes, bloody medical devices, whips, swords and other oddities for his Sturgis Rally performance. He used his sword to fling money into the crowd during an epic rendition of “Billion Dollar Babies” and a real guillotine to chop off his head at the end of the show.

The Pretty Reckless – Friday, Aug. 8

The Pretty Reckless has two highlights. First they jacked up fans when they proclaimed the Chip as “the best f***ing venue in the world” during their debut performance…

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Train – Thursday, Aug. 7

Train frontman Pat Monahan made fans’ day by posing for selfies with them while on stage during the band’s Sturgis Rally performance.

Buckcherry – Saturday, Aug. 9

A massive South Dakota storm blew in on the last night of Sturgis concerts, yet diehard Buckcherry weren’t going to let that get in the way of their party. The fans were there for raucous rock and so was the band!

John Mayall – Monday, Aug. 4

After a career spanning more than 50 years that included performing with guitar greats Eric Clapton, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and many more, there was no better place for the Godfather of British Blues, John Mayall, to celebrate his 80th birthday than at the Best Party Anywhere™!

Collective Soul – Sunday, Aug. 3

Ed Roland of Collective Soul wildly writhed around on stage, flinging his microphone about with reckless abondon.

Pop Evil – Thursday, Aug. 7

Chachi Riot from Pop Evil may have suffered some neck pain after all the thrashing around he did during the band’s Buffalo Chip performance, but he sure had a blast doing it!

Queensrÿche – Saturday, Aug. 2

The sweat flying off Queensrÿche during their performance practically knocked fans in the audience right off their motorcycles!

The Cult – Saturday Aug. 2

The Cult took fans on a supernatural ride so deep that one fan started howling at the moon and dancing like lead singer Ian Astburry does at the :36 second mark of this video.

Loverboy – Friday, Aug. 1

Loverboy was “workin’ for the weekend” when the band kicked off the first weekend of concerts during the Chip’s third annual Friday Fest. If you’re interested in hearing lead singer Mike Reno tell tall tales of being chased through the desert by scantily clad vixens listen to the Sturgis Rider® Insider podcast #2.

Sweet Cyanide – Tuesday, Aug. 5

The guys from Sweet Cyanide love to live dangerously, which is why the rain wasn’t going to stop them from taking to the stage prior to Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe. In case you didn’t notice, that’s a puddle of water their bassist, Del Cheetah, is standing in.

Jeremiah James Korfe – Wednesday, Aug. 6

The winner of the Buffalo Chip’s Big Sturgis Gig™ online talent search,
Jeremiah James Korfe, was so psyched about performing at the Chip that he ended his set by smashing a guitar to pieces while the audience encouraged him with its deafening roar.

Lovebettie – Saturday, Aug. 2

Super-hot and amazingly talented vocalist Alexandra Napels of Lovebettie kept the audience spellbound as she belted out one irresistible tune after another.

Jared James Nichols – Sunday, Aug. 3

23-year-old blues guitar phenom Jared James Nichols proved he could shred like the masters. The sun stayed above the horizon for an extra 30 minutes just to hear Jared play.

The 4onthefloor – Monday, Aug. 4

The 4onthefloor got caught up in all the excitement of the Best Party Anywhere and shot PBR all over the stage!

Pistol Day Parade – Thursday, Aug. 7

Pistol Day Parade‘s raw vocal power and emotionally charged lyrics pumped up the Sturgis Rally audience prior to Pop Evil and Train. The lead singer’s choice in shirts sent fans charging the Buffalo Chip merchandise store.

A Course of Action – Saturday, Aug. 9

The haunting sounds of A Course of Action shot straight up into the stratosphere, evoking one of the most epic Sturgis Rally storms to date!

MMS – Friday, Aug. 1

The members of the Japanese rockabilly band MMS didn’t let the language barrier get in their way, proving that rock ‘n’ roll is the universal language.

The Living Deads – Friday, Aug. 1

Just because The Living Deads play well doesn’t mean they always play nice. The band drug its kidnapped guitar player out on stage, threatening to beat him with a baseball bat if he didn’t perform.

Charlie Brechtel Band – Friday, Aug. 1

The Charlie Brechtel Band brought its musical tribute to biker lifestyle to the stage—singing songs about legendary riders, vintage motorcycles and the Buffalo Chip!

Iron Cowgirl Missy – Friday, Aug. 1

Iron Cowgirl Missy told inspiring stories about the open road, overcoming heartbreak and beating cancer to the sounds of sweet Southern Rock.

The Mods – Friday, Aug. 1

It was hard to tell who was getting more into music from The Mods—the band or the audience.

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