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8 Motorcycle Packing Tips to Help You Save Space

If you’re like most people, you’ll be riding a motorcycle a long way to the Sturgis Rally or, at the very least, riding your motorcycle to a few locations around the Black Hills during your vacation. Whether you’re putting on 250 or 2,500 miles this riding season, learning these motorcycle packing tips will save you lots of headache and tons of time so you can focus on what really matters—enjoying the ride. To save you even more time and trouble, we’ve assembled a list of eight tips to teach you the most efficient way to pack.
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5 Reasons Biker Women Get Sexier with Age

Some things in life just get better with age. Just like your first album, a box of cigars, a great bottle of whiskey, your favorite pair of riding boots or a comfy pair of jeans, biker women keep improving with the passing of time. Click through to find out five reasons why biker women get sexier with age and learn how you can attend or be a part of the Rally’s sexiest contest for 35+ biker women.
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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Motorcycles Built for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

Looking for inspiration for your next build? Want to be the first to lay eyes on some brand new, high-profile custom motorcycles you could take home? Could you simply use a few minutes to daydream with some gorgeous bikes scrolling by on your screen? No matter your reason, this collection of amazing machines created for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip by some of the world’s most renowned custom builders is sure to be the cure for what ails you, unless, of course, what ails you is drooling.
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How to Do Sturgis Vol. 1 – Answers to First-Timer Questions About Navigating through the Black Hills

After years of dreaming and scheming, you’re finally doing it. You’ve decided this is the year to embark on a journey you’ve heard will be the greatest adventure of your life—you’re taking a trip to Sturgis! But now that you’re excited and all your Facebook buddies are jealous, questions start swirling through your head.

What are the local motorcycle laws?

Do I need a helmet?
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Spotlight: Women of The Wild Gypsy Tour

The rumblings have been present for some time now: there is a pack of wild women returning to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip for a moto culture event like no other.

The Wild Gypsy Tour is the first event of its kind in women’s motorcycling. It creates a place for women riders to combine the freedom of the past with the untapped spirit of the future at The Best Party Anywhere® during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
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Tips and Tricks to Sharing a Busy Road

There’s nothing like getting ready to hit the road, turning the keys in the ignition, pulling out of the driveway… and immediately being hit with traffic. Talk about a buzzkill.

Bicycles, cars, pedestrians, scooters, motorcycles. Everyone seems to be going everywhere in every direction all at the same time these days. So, we have to learn how to share the road if we want to get to our destinations safely.
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Remembering Jessi Combs

The entire automotive world had the air let out of our tires and our hearts run over early this morning with news that Jessi Combs had died. She was known in part as the “Fastest Woman on Four Wheels” for her 398 mph land speed record in the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger. It was a crash during her attempt to beat this record in a 52,000 horsepower, jet-powered car that resulted in her untimely departure from this earth on August 27, 2019.
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How to Plan and Execute Safe and Successful Group Rides

Riding with a group can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on a motorcycle. The fun of sharing an adventure with a bunch of friends or a group raising money for a good cause is the reason why big ride events like the Buffalo Chip's Legends Ride® and Biker Belles® ride and groups like the Wild Gypsy Tour grow every year.

If you just can't wait for your own favorite group ride, or you've got a cause you'd like to support, you can always organize your own. And the first step is learning how to keep your riders safe.
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Official 2018 Sturgis Buffalo Chip® Highlight Video

If you weren’t at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s 2018 motorcycle and music festival, no combination of words could adequately explain what you missed out on. Only “Holy flat-trackin’, dragster driftin’, tire roastin’, Dirt-riotin’, Moto-Stampedin’, guitar-shreddin’, rock-n-rollin’, mini Gamblers, Batman!” could really even come close. Thankfully, this event highlight video does a pretty damn good job of taking you through the festival moto, music and party madness that’s been on our minds since the second it ended. Check it out for yourself to see the best of the Best Party Anywhere® in 2018!
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