Woody Answers Your Recent Buffalo Chip Questions

By Rod Woodruff

Every day folks like you who are planning a trip to Sturgis ask all sorts of questions about the Buffalo Chip and plans for the upcoming rally. With an event like the Best Party Anywhere® there’s a whole lot to learn, so we’re taking you right to the top and getting you the low down straight from the source. Read on to get answers to some of the common (and not so common) questions you’ve been asking recently from Sturgis Buffalo Chip® President and Founder Rod “Woody” Woodruff.

1. Is the Buffalo Chip festival postponed because of COVID-19?

The rally has NOT been Postponed. The president has announced a plan to safely reopen the country and its businesses. The Governor of South Dakota has said that we can continue to plan for rally. Experts predict the virus will die down during summer. The rally is in late summer, so we’re staying on the gas. See our full statement on COVID-19 here.

2. What will happen if the Sturgis Rally is postponed?

Things continue to change daily, if not hourly, as the world comes to grips with the COVID-19 virus. We know that you are anxious to know all the details of what will happen, just like the rest of us. At the time of this writing, our first show is 114 days out, and we are optimistic there’ll be substantial improvements that will allow you to be able to attend as planned. We don’t want to get the cart before the horse or be premature. We’re all figuring this out together. Thank you for your patience as we monitor the situation and work out the details.

3. What do I do if I made a reservation, but now I can’t come? Do you offer refunds?

If you’re unable to attend, you can transfer to someone else prior to July 1. Once you have found a person to transfer your passes to call (605) 347-9000 and we will help you make the transfer. Box office hours are Monday-Friday, 8-5 Mountain Time.

4. I’ve been working really hard on my beer gut lately. How can I get entered into the Beer Belly Contest?

It can be way more fun to drink a six-pack than to have six-pack abs. If you wanna participate and show off what you got, all you have to do to is show up to our Fan Fest Event at the Big Engine Bar on Wednesday of rally week. The bar sits in the center of our free-access CrossRoads area, so you won’t need to have a wristband to participate or watch.

5 .I heard the Buffalo Chip is sold out. Are you?

Absolutely not. If you want to come party with us, we’ve got room for you. However, RV sites are limited and selling fast, so if your style of camping includes an RV, motor home, camper or trailer, the time to reserve your passes is now!

6. When will you start announcing more bands?

We are confirming more bands as we speak. When they sign on the dotted line, you’ll know.

7. Can we get concert passes if we’re not camping at The Chip?

Concerts are free with camping, but it’s up to you whether you camp or not. Camping at The Chip is an experience you and your friends will never forget, but if you don’t want to camp, you’ll still need to reserve a pass online, over the phone at (605) 347-9000 or at the box office upon arrival.

8. I lost ________ during the Rally. Was it turned in?

If you lost something and it was turned in, we can help you reconnect with it. Check out this list of the items left behind after the 2019 Sturgis Rally, and if you see something that’s yours call (605) 347-9000 to claim it.

9. Can I bring my pet raccoon? It’ll use the toilet in my RV and stay inside the whole time.

For the safety of the pets and in consideration of other campers you’ll need to make arrangements for your pets to stay home or board them locally while you’re at the Chip. Even if your pet knows how to fetch you a beer, the answer is we’d be happy to recommend some good places you can board your pets while camping in at the Chip.

10. Where is the nearest place to buy _________?

You name it, and we probably carry it at the Buffalo Chip General Store. When you’re camping at the Chip, there’s no need to leave to buy the necessities. The General Store is open 24/7 and is located inside the amphitheater.

11. Can you hook me up with a woman while I’m there?

There are plenty of beautiful women at the Chip, and many relationships DO get their start here. Sorry, but all we can do is point you towards a good book called “How to Pick Up Women in Sturgis.” 😉

12. Can you get [insert your favorite band] for this year?

Thank you for all of your suggestions for bands. We receive countless suggestions to book specific bands, and we work all year long to get the bands asked for. There are many bands we’d love to have perform for you. The process is lengthy, but here’s a quick run down of how it works:

Take requests from fans,
Determine which bands are an appropriate fit for rally goers,
Attend trade fairs,
Meet with agencies,
Find out what bands are working, if they are on tour that time of year, if they are able and willing to make their way to the middle of nowhere and route through Sturgis, SD, if they are willing to perform for a biker rally, willing to perform at an outdoor festival, willing to perform with the other bands that are booked for the stage,
Determine if band has the dates open or if they will hold the dates as they are putting their routing schedules together,
Notify band agent The Chip might be interested in having the band perform,
Wait some more,
Occasionally bands prefer to visit the venue secretly first,
Some bands consider for years before all of the above work out and they finally commit,
Once bands get a taste of performing a the Chip and know how special the audience is during the motorcycle rally usually ask the Chip if they can return year after year. Some even plan their tours around it,
If the stars all align, we get a confirmation and you get a terrific show!

13. Do you allow fishing at the Bikini Beach swimming hole?

Technically there’s no rule against it, but the best things to catch at Bikini Beach are sun, fun, music, contests and maybe a little buzz. And you shouldn’t need a hook to catch any of that.

14. Can we bring our own alcohol to the campground and concerts?

At the Buffalo Chip we don’t care much for rules. In fact, we try not to have any that aren’t in the law books or for the safety of our visitors.

In this case, according to SD codified law SDCL 35-1-5.6, it a crime “for any person to consume any alcoholic beverage upon the premises of a licensed on-sale dealer if the alcoholic beverage was not purchased from the on-sale dealer.”

Since the entire campground is a licensed premise, it is illegal to bring outside alcohol into the campground.

15. What is the price of beer by the case on the grounds?

Depends on the beer, but a case of domestic beer is currently around 28 bucks.

16. What should I pack?

Pack clothes that will keep you comfortable in all temperatures. August weather in South Dakota is unpredictable. It’s often hot during the day and cool at night. We’ve also seen our fair share of storms. You can find more tips on what to pack by checking out The Essential Festival Packing List for The Best Party Anywhere.

17. What should I do if I accidentally pass out in someone else’s tent?

Get the heck out of there!

18. What is there to do at the Buffalo Chip during the day?

There are enough activities and entertainment options at the Chip to keep you occupied throughout the entire day! Start your day with a free pancake breakfast from the Sons of Light Ministry, take a dip or participate in the wild games at Bikini Beach, stroll through the Freedom Field, check out the beautiful bikes at one of our bike shows or watch the bands on our showcase stages. The list goes on and on.

19. What does the staff do during the “off-season?”

Believe it or not, a party this big doesn’t just plan itself. While it may seem as if the Buffalo Chip has an off-season outside of the Sturgis Rally, our full time staff works year round to ensure you have the best possible experience once you arrive. When the last camper has packed up his gear and hit the road, we get right back to work planning how to do things even better next year. After improving facilities, creating more campsites, meeting with sponsors, scouting new talent and bookings bands, it’s already August again!

20. Where can I find __________ on site?

Take our brand new virtual tour or check out our campground map to find out how to find your friends’ campsite, where to do laundry, where to find first aid and much more.

21. If you could give me one tip for staying at the Chip, what would it be?

Be prepared to make friends and memories to last a lifetime.

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