7 Les Paul Legends That Rocked the Chip

The Les Paul guitar is an undisputed icon of rock and roll.

Some of the most legendary riffs and solos of all time were written with a Les Paul, and many of those celebrated tunes have been played on the Wolfman Jack Stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®.

Well, it just so happens that the Chip is giving away an Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar signed by George Thorogood along with a $200 Hot Leathers shopping spree in the Rock The Holidays Sweepstakes.

That’s right, YOU can win a guitar with some serious rock star cred.

And, with some practice, maybe one day join this league of these seven Les Paul legends that have rocked the Chip.
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Stolen Rhodes Wind Up Despite the Rigors of the Road

For a touring band like Stolen Roads that plays hundreds of shows each year, landing a three-day residency at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip through ReverbNation in 2017 provided much more than an opportunity to share the bill with some truly legendary acts. It also allowed the band to get out from behind the wheel, reconnect with friends they’d met in years past and take in the Best Party Anywhere® in some of the same ways as you. So how do four hard-working musicians wind up before making their way to the big stage to open up for bands like Blackberry Smoke and Gary Allen? Follow them on their journey to find out.
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Eric Church’s New Song “Why Not Me,” Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Finding the words to process a tragedy can seem impossible. When terrible things happen, it can be hard to feel like there’s any good in the world at all. But where words fail, music speaks. Less than 48 hours after Eric Church headlined Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, that same location became a grisly scene of carnage. Church considered cancelling his next performance at the Grand Ole Opry until he learned about a fallen fan and his wife who also had tickets for the Opry performance.
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Go Backstage with Ozzy, George Thorogood, Shinedown and Chris Trew

What would you ask members of your favorite bands if given 15 minutes of their time? Would you lob the same tired questions they get in every interview? NO WAY! You’d dive in for something real, and–if you were anything like comedian Chris Trew–you’d also ask some questions that were downright weird. Watch this video shot backstage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® to see what surprising sound bites rose to the surface in 2017 from legendary acts like Ozzy Osbourne, George Thorogood, Shinedown and many others when Chris Trew was left with them unsupervised for nine nights!
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24 Concert Photos that Convert Your Couch to the Best Seat in the House

Few feelings compare to the one you get when you’re free to tilt your head back, scream and thrust your horns upward like you can at an amazing concert. While the feeling itself is unmatched, the feeling you’ll get from browsing this collection of Sturgis Buffalo Chip® August music festival photos is not far behind. Check out the best main stage moments from the 2017 Best Party Anywhere® and convert your couch to the best seat in the house.
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7 Reasons Live Music Is Healthy For Your Soul

There’s no feeling on earth like the one you get from seeing an amazing concert. No other experience creates the same sense of connectedness, collective euphoria and immense satisfaction that you get after you’ve just been rocked into oblivion thanks to an otherworldly live music experience. But in addition to generally being awesome, live music provides you with essential replenishing nourishment that allows you to put up with the dregs of everyday life. Check out these seven reasons live music is medicine for your soul and get ready to plan your next concert experience.
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26 Concert Photos That’ll Melt Your Face into a Puddle of Goo

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® turned 35 years old in 2016, and to commemorate this milestone they did what they do best–throw you nine nights of insane parties and concerts. Now that the final performer said goodnight and the hangover has subsided, chances are you’re jonesing for more. Thankfully you can transport back in time to those epic face-melting moments from the Chip’s 35th anniversary with these 26 concert photos!
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Motorcycle Daredevil Doug Danger Announces Another World Record Jump Attempt and Inspires New Song

When Daredevil Doug Danger flew across the Buffalo Chip amphitheater in 2015 on Evel Knievel’s XR750 Harley he set a record Knievel himself never made and inspired many. When Danger jumped again in Austin this year during the Republic of Texas Rally and announced plans to achieve a new world record in 2017, Austin-based singer/songwriter Jonathan Terrell was impressed, too. Sitting on Knievel’s iconic Harley, owned by EK collector Lathan McKay, Terrell became galvanized by the ghost in the machine and moved by Danger’s remarkable courage—and he wrote a song about it all.
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Avoid Music Festival Frustration with these 12 Game Changers

When you’re at a music festival, seemingly insignificant problems like sunburns, hot tents or dead cell phones can manage to throw off your whole day. But if you plan ahead and can pick up a few handy festival gadgets, you can forget about these camping concerns for good. Check out this list of innovative products, and you might wonder how you’ve ever lived without them!
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