The Strange Will Never Change: 2020 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Lost & Found

By Jeff Smith

2020 has been a weird year to say the least. While lots of folks have struggled to adapt to a “new norm,” the Chip stuck to their guns and did what they know best– throw a big ol’ 9-day frickin’ music and motorcycle party and invite anybody who wanted to come. Even in these strange times, one thing you can count on is attendees of the Best Party Anywhere® leaving behind a bunch of weird stuff after it’s over. Check out what made its way into the Chip’s 2020 Lost and Found and take solace in the fact that some things, although strange, will never change.

This fella looking for his campsite on Sunday morning

UPDATE: He found it.

This All-Star Smashcouch

Ya might as well be layin’ on the ground.

A Warning Sign?

Next year it will say, “The last sign parked here is still missing. (Just Saying)”

This lacy, racy over-the-shoulder boulder holder

Hot pink. Yowza!

Five Campground Admission Passes

Five good times missed.

Flaggle Rocks

Grills, Grills, Grills

Friday night and I need a bite, my motorcycle and a steak done right.

We got wood

Such a neatly organized bundle of sticks.

A few of you were Too Cool for Pools

Some peepee PPE

Ride Free, Take (Calculated) Risks.

This “off-the-chain” Murder Hornet mini bike

Reportedly was seen doing burnouts at CrossRoads during the daily Gambler 500 mini bike ovals.

These distressed mattresses

What’s on the first one? We don’t wanna know.

A full living room set

Only thing missing was the coffee table.

This Jurassic Tribe with a Classic Vibe

A couple of shoes that weren’t on the other foot

Not sure if they’re the same size, but it is a left and a right.

A boatload of floaties

If these floaties could talk…

Tents, Tarps & Carpets

Plus many more not pictured here.

2003 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition Kickstand Plate

117 years strong for these two American companies.

This bench seat from a camper van

Could be a long ride home for somebody.

This Floppy hat


Some Freaky Tikis

Things were no longer lit.

This Free-Ballin’ Beach Ball

Have you seen my beach ball? It’s about THIS big. *Flexes*

This solar-powered camp shower

Feelin’ all ripe.

Coors Light Tap Handle

Some sort of makeshift exhaust system.

AC/DC = Air Conditioners Discarded Casually

2020 Poster Model Poster from Mai to Billy


A couple wallets

Two phones and a GoPro

Several spectacular specs

A few keys, if you please.

One hat. One glove.

Combo Cable Lock

This ring

A handful of IDs and credit cards

Does any of this stuff look familiar? If so, call (605) 347-9000 to search for and log lost and found items.

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Did you find anything at the Chip after the Sturgis rally wrapped up that’s waiting to be reunited with its rightful owner? Tell us what it was in the comments below.